Points of Differentiation

-why invest

With El Limon, you will have access to our nearly 10 years of experience, our buying power and extensive operational systems that have been replicated throughout the Philadelphia market -showing that the model can be duplicated with a small team of dedicated employees. 

Opening a restaurant can be challenging, but with the support of an experienced operator, our hands-on training, a detailed recipe book, and more, you can follow in our footsteps with the opportunity to open one or more restaurants of your own, too. 

•    Our vision is to offer fresh food at a low price -this translates to loyal customers who keep coming back.

•    Our taquerias are simple, clean and streamlined -with a lower start-up cost and investment. (link to next section)

•    The best tasting food from Mexico -this is because we make everything fresh each day with a limited number of ingredients.

•    Since 2010 we have expanded -today we have 8 Taquerias operating in the Philadelphia area.

•    Due to demand, we are franchising to expand into new areas 

•  Today, our customers are what makes us better and through franchise owner expansion, our franchisees will continue to help us grow and improve our offerings.

Investment model

Initial Franchise Training indudes 90 hours over the course of 2 weeks time. Training is conducted in the Philadelphia metro area plus additional in-territory training once your business is ready to launch. Our pre-opening training program covers comprehensive topics including Operations, Marketing, Sales Financial Management, Goal Setting and Managing the Business. You will learn in a classroom setting and then move to the restaurant to become comfortable with day to day operations as well as activities such as working with suppliers, procuring inventory and marketing to develop catering customers.